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After a work related injury has occurred, our customers rely on the Workers Compensation module of SafetySuite to manage all aspects of the claim process, making the journey back to full health as dignified as possible.

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Activity Management

Each claim will be progressed through a range of standard activities so that your obligations as an employer are met. These activities and processes have been built up over time in consultation with our customers and the WorkCover authorities to ensure that your system will produce a compliant outcome for your worker in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

Ongoing claims management requires constant communication between the parties involved, so to support that our solution is delivered with comprehensive correspondence management to ensure that all communications pertinent to the claim are recorded. Your library of standard letter templates is designed to ensure a consistent approach to all claims.

Complete Coverage

SafetySuite ensures your compliance for managing compensation claims with support for all Australian jurisdictions, including Comcare. Regardless of whether you have just a few claims or are a large self-insured corporation, SafetySuite has you covered.


Module Extensions specifically designed for SAP

Automated Weekly Payments (AWP)

As your employee takes time off from work to recover, they will seek the support of a range of medical providers who will judge their capacity to work and provide medical certificates accordingly.

With our native integration into SAP Payroll, these certificates can be immediately created as workcover absences and processed in the regular SAP payroll cycle so that the employee is paid according to the relevant jurisdictional rules. Our solution can directly read the SAP Payroll tables to determine NWE and CWE values and create the relevant wage types for payroll.

Accounts Payable Integration

When your medical providers begin to submit their invoices for services rendered, they can be entered directly into the claim record and the tight integration into SAP Accounts Payable will ensure the timely payment and reconciliation of these accounts.

Having all your estimate, payment and recovery information in the one place allows SafetySuite to allocate premiums/provisions to the SAP cost centres that contribute most to your claims portfolio.

Premium Allocation System

For those organisations with extended deductibles SafetySuite can be used to manage all claim details and all relevant financial transactions with native integration into SAP Finance.

The flexible Premium Allocation functionality then applies your algorithm’s to allocate cost impacts throughout the organisation, providing managers a month by month summary of how their performance is impacting their costs.

Electronic Interfaces

For insured organisations, SafetySuite Workers Compensation uploads your insurer reimbursements and reconciles them with the payments you have made.