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At C-Net, we specialise in providing Workplace Health & Safety Management Solutions. We have been providing SAP solutions since 1995, but in the year 2000, C-Net was awarded SAP Complimentary Software Partner Status and the IP to the Australian component of SAP’s own Occupational Health & Safety module.

C-Net’s charter was to continue to develop and support these localised WH&S functions and ensure legislative compliance for SAP customers.

To maintain our best of breed status, we employee WH&S specialists with development and consulting expertise to create solutions that are designed to cater for the unique issues of the Australian and New Zealand workplaces.

The future for C-Net is exciting. We are extremely lucky to operate within the SAP technical landscape where we can leverage all their new technologies and strategic changes such as SAP HANA, mobility and cloud. Our team will continue to leverage those investments to deliver solutions that underpin the constant evolution of workplace safety.

Some Of Our Clients :