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What We Do


We help your workers get home safe, everyday.

Over the years our solutions have been refined according to the ever changing Australian regulatory environment and according to our customer’s unique requirements. Our business processes can be fully integrated into Enterprise Business Systems such as SAP, or they can be deployed in the cloud and stand alone as a best of breed service.

When implemented our modules serve as enablers for delivering on the promise of Zero Harm in the workplace.

Our customers operate across the whole spectrum of business: Public and Private sector, every state and territory, and every major industry. As such, we learn a lot from them about how a typical business wants to handle these compliance issues and how the technology should support them. In turn, we continually develop our solutions to cater for these requirements.

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Customer Driven Research & Development

Our Product Roadmap is 100% customer centric. In fact our R&D board is staffed by our customers, and they have the unique role of prioritising our development strategy to suit their future requirements. Any customer can log a suggested development or improvement and we will then provide a high level estimate as to the development effort. These requests are then actively discussed by the R&D Board and in return C-Net is advised what to build, and to what time schedule. It’s a collaborative and transparent process that ensures the continuous improvement of our customer’s implementations.
Not only do members of the R&D Board ensure that SafetySuite meets the current and future needs of their organisation, but they also benefit from the regular networking with their peers.

Ensuring your systems evolve

Additional to the product roadmap, each of our valued on-premise customers are allocated an annual Continuous Improvement (CI) Budget.  This is a number of complimentary development/support days that can be used in whatever manner bests suits your needs.  Need a unique report built?  Would you like us to configure a new business process or change the look of a screen?  Use your CI Budget to extract as much value from your system as possible.  It’s part of our commitment to your success, not an extra charge.