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If your company subscribes to the market leading SAP SuccessFactors services, then you now have an option to extend your implementation to include Safety and Injury Management transactions as well.

Our SafetySuite business processes are available as a cloud based service that integrates to SAP SuccessFactors.  A suite of safety transactions can be launched directly from your SAP SuccessFactors portal, with data being shared between your implementation of Employee Central and EC Payroll.

These solutions are integrated through your SAP Cloud Integration available as part of Employee Central or via standard API’s.  SafetySuite users are then provided access and security roles that are aligned with your Single Sign on methodology for a single, seamless employee portal experience.

But what about people on your sites that do not have access to your modern SAP SuccessFactors system. Our customers often need to involve external people in their safety processes, such as contractors or volunteers, but they are never going to be set up in SAP SuccessFactors as they are not part of your performance management or payroll process for instance. The solution is simple, you can add them directly into our database without cluttering up your internal HR systems.  Two or more repositories of employee data, but one consistent approach to safety.


And of course, your safety data is stored in a secure, Australian based data centre that ticks all the right boxes from a site and security perspective.



For more information contact us, or your trusted SAP SuccessFactors implementation partner.