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risk and hazard managementAustralian businesses have been leading the world in how they manage risk, but we cannot get complacent.  Change is ever present in our operational processes and it is this very change that most commonly introduces risk back into our workplace.

It’s vital that we not only understand what the risks and hazards are within our operations, but also what are we doing to proactively mitigate and control these risks.  These responses are what keep people safe from harm.

SafetySuite Risk & Hazard Management provides this process to your business in a manner that is both simple and automated.  Uncluttered screens guide the user through the tasks needed to record and measure a hazard, but also make it easy to set up the subsequent response of implementing controls and delegating corrective actions to the extended team.


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Workforce Engagement

SafetySuite allows your extended workforce of employees and contractors to capture the details of a hazard quickly on their mobile device and notify the business for a rapid response.  Take a photo, enter some text, hit submit and the job is done.  Workers are happy to perform these simple tasks when it takes only 2 or 3 minutes.  It’s quick and effective, and not disruptive to their role.

Drive Accountability

As we come to better understand the hazard, its gets assessed, recorded with a date delimited risk ranking and a series of corrective actions are assigned to immediately manage the situation.  As SafetySuite is fully integrated into your SAP enterprise applications, we can ensure the tasks are sent to the correct employees, and track their adherence to the priority and expected completion dates that have been set.

Line management will be able to see the tasks set to them personally as well as those for their team and the progress and status of each.  SafetySuite ensures this is a closed loop system where individual accountability for workplace safety is a feature and not left to chance.

Solution Extensibility

As part of an integrated solution, SafetySuite Risk & Hazard Management will ensure other key business processes such as Health Monitoring and Proactive Safety Initiatives are all coordinated.  Together they provide a systematic approach designed to mitigate risk and ensure that your commitment to Zero Harm is underpinned by a robust management system.