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From the moment you are informed that an injured worker has submitted a claim you have a legal obligation to support them to return to safe and sustainable work as soon as possible. It helps minimise the health, emotional, and financial impacts on the worker and their family, and it is good for business, maintaining your organisation’s productivity as well as keep compensation costs or premiums down.

SafetySuite Rehabilitation steps you through this process, from assigning a suitable return to work coordinator (either internally or through an approved provider), liaising with health practitioners, facilitating 3-way communication, documenting a clear return to work plan, tracking their progress, capturing costs through to SAP Finance, and sharing appropriate information with the Workers Compensation team.

SafetySuite Rehabilitation allow you to document restrictions, suitable duties, establish targets goals, tracks progress, records payments and manage your forms & correspondence. Your templates can be established to provide team members with a printed copy of each type of program.

With SafetySuite, getting your employee engaged in your workforce again need not be a complicated process.

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Module Extensions specifically designed for SAP

Accounts Payable Integration

When your medical providers begin to submit their invoices for services rendered, they can be entered directly into the Early Intervention record and the tight integration into SAP Accounts Payable will ensure the timely payment and reconciliation of these accounts.