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A commitment to Zero Harm will be the top operational priority of any responsible organisation. This reflects a requirement to operate profitably and in a safe manner, respecting both their employees and the environment in which they work.

When operating in an inherently hazardous environment, companies will instigate a wide range of activities to both educate the workforce and constantly reinforce the message that safety is the number one priority. Much of this activity is around implementing a program of proactive measures to check the workplace for compliance to policy and to share experiences learned elsewhere in the business.

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Supporting a safe work culture

SafetySuite supports this business objective with our Proactive Safety Initiatives (PSI) module. Typically the first things that spring to mind are Audits and Inspections, but the flexible nature of the solution allows you to configure any type of initiative into your business processes.

Perhaps you wish to track your “Tool box talks”, understanding who was there and what was said. What about:

  • Safety briefings,
  • Fire drills,
  • Behavioural observations
  • Provisional improvement notices
  • or just a random plant walkthrough


Any of these sorts of activities can be created and monitored by the solution either in an ad-hoc nature or set up as a reoccurring, scheduled activity for a given facility.

Drive accountability for safety

Of course, just understanding that an audit or meeting occurred means very little on its own. The value of this solution is in updating your risk registers and monitoring the follow up activities from the event. Corrective actions and tasks can be attached to the event and reported on by management for their completion status. SafetySuite provides the closed loop business process that ensures your business can understand the commitments to improvement that have been made, who is responsible for achieving it and the progress they have made.