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SafetySuite has two modules to administer claims for a wide range of issues such as an employee injury or events that have impacted our physical property.   However despite best intentions, it’s not always possible for all parties concerned to agree on an appropriate outcome, and so we turn to legal intervention to achieve a resolution.  SafetySuite Litigation is designed to help you manage your claim through a range of legal channels regardless of your insurance status.

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Broad Applicability

SafetySuite Litigation support allows you to create a range of different litigation types that provide for the management of processes such as:

  • Conciliation,
  • Arbitration,
  • Tribunal hearings and
  • Common Law.

As an integrated part of our solution suite, it’s available to extend beyond business processes such as General Claims or Workers Compensation.

Document & Process Control

As the case is progressed through the relevant legal channel there will always be a requirement to produce and maintain a range of legal documents, correspondence, communication and committed actions.

Our Litigation module is able to ensure all of these elements are recorded and tracked against the original claim so that a complete record is maintained.  You will be able to track an event from the initial incident or notification, through your internal claims and insurance processes and then to the eventual litigation and determination/outcome.  Every date sensitive action, call, letter and document for the complete claim lifecycle will be at your fingertips.

Privacy is assured

Your legal case information is not something that can be kept in an unsecured manner.  Much of the data you will capture throughout the legal lifecycle can be subject to strict confidentiality.  SafetySuite utilises SAP security and access protocols to ensure that your legal and administration team only get to see the information relevant to their role.