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Despite the best efforts to proactively mitigate risk, things happen to disrupt your operations. Events will occur that must be responded to efficiently to ensure business continuity and to care for affected employees and local environment.
SafetySuite Incident Management provides the closed loop business process needed to ensure your reaction to an incident aligns with your commitments to Zero Harm.

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Workforce Engagement

Our solution allows your extended workforce of employees and contractors to capture the event quickly on their mobile device and notify the business for a rapid response. This is essential, as how your business reacts from that point impacts how you will be subsequently appraised by your workforce, industry peers, media and a range of other stakeholders.

Flexible Classification

Whether the Incident is a minor first aid issue, or a more serious event involving people, plant and the surrounding environment, SafetySuite Incident Management will ensure the event is correctly classified and that the notifications made will reflect the nature of the event. The solution supports all event types including injuries & near misses, as well as a range of impact types like property damage, process loss, motor vehicle, and environmental impact.

Process Consistency

Once clarity around the event is evident, the solution will ensure you follow a consistent approach within your business units to perform standard steps such as investigations, lessons learned and root cause determination. You then drive accountability by assigning the corrective actions and tasks necessary to remedy the immediate situation. These tasks are monitored continually, issuing reminders or escalating the task to maintain compliance.
As an incident nears its closure, SafetySuite can ensure that all the requested corrective actions are closed out, lessons and knowledge is shared between your business units and any feedback into your risk and hazard processes has been adopted.

Solution Extensibility

As part of an integrated solution, SafetySuite Incident Management will ensure other key business processes such as Injury Management, Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation are linked into every incident as required.