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Your employees spend one third of their workday within your operations so it’s a clear setting for health and wellbeing initiatives.  The benefits of a healthy workplace are far reaching, impacting not just the employee but also their families and communities.

Additionally, the healthier your employees are the more engaged they will be within your business which has obvious flow on effects for your profitability.  Reduced compensation claims and absenteeism are measurable, but so is the impact upon morale and overall retention rates.

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Complete employee lifecycle

As an employee progresses through their career with your organisation it becomes essential to track the medical interventions that you have conducted.  From your original pre-employment medicals, assessments for planned overseas assignments and recurring health monitoring activities there is a range of data that needs to be kept on permanent record.

When you add to that your knowledge of the risks faced in your business (perhaps from SafetySuite Risk & Hazard Management) you are able to structure a programmatic approach to monitoring your employees’ occupational health concerns.

Flexible scheduling

The SafetySuite Health Monitoring solution allows you to schedule health activities such as audiograms or blood tests on a regular basis for proactive monitoring of your employees.  This should be directly aimed at addressing risk controls (for noise or pollutants for example), and when done effectively, will achieve the desired mitigation and control effectiveness.   If these tests are performed in bulk, then uploads from laboratory management (LIMS) systems are supported.

Privacy is assured

Your employees’ health data is not something that can be kept in an unsecured manner.  Much of the data you will capture throughout an employee lifecycle is subject to strict confidentiality.  SafetySuite utilises SAP security and access protocols to ensure that your health administration team only get to see the information relevant to their role.

Extend your Initiatives.

Depending on how rigorous your health programs become, you can extend your solution to cater for multi-step processes with opt-in features.  This might include letting employees opt-in to a vaccination programs, perform a baseline tests and then provide vaccinations.  The frequency of these initiatives will then be configured to suit the occupational environment of the people at risk.

The solution grows as you need it to.