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No matter how rigorous the approach to identifying and controlling risks, all organisations carry a range of insurance policies to limit their financial liability for damages or injuries to other people or parties. These policy types differ, may change over time, and carry differing deductibles.

You need to maintain a register of policies and understand what each covers so that when an incident does occur, you can quickly identify which to apply. Furthermore, you may wish to minimise your outlay by consolidating policies across your business while still distributing the costs to the parts of the organisation requiring the most cover.

C-Net has worked with some of Australia’s leading organisations to develop SafetySuite General Claims. This solution allows a claim to be created against each impact captured in an incident, such as:

  • injured staff and third parties,
  • damage to property and
  • motor vehicles.


Authorised users can initiate the claim and select the relevant policy. The system has standard uploads that can be used from your insurance providers to populate incident, claim, estimate, payment, and recovery details.

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Stakeholder Management

Ongoing claims management requires constant communication between parties involved. SafetySuite General Claims enables notifications, escalations, manager reports, as well as the ability to generate correspondence on your templates directly from the system, keeping all documents in the one secured location.
Complete Coverage
SafetySuite General Claims ensures your compliance for managing general claims with support for all major insurance types. Regardless of whether you have just a few claims or are a large corporation with extended deductibles, SafetySuite has you covered.

Module Extensions specifically designed for SAP

Accounts Payable Integration

When your medical providers begin to submit their invoices for services rendered, they can be entered directly into the claim record and the tight integration into SAP Accounts Payable will ensure the timely payment and reconciliation of these accounts.

Having all your estimate, payment and recovery information in the one place allows SafetySuite to allocate premiums/provisions to the SAP cost centres that contribute most to your claims portfolio.

Premium Allocation System

For those organisations with extended deductibles SafetySuite can be used to manage all claim details and all relevant financial transactions with native integration into SAP Finance.

The flexible Premium Allocation functionality then applies your algorithm’s to allocate cost impacts throughout the organisation, providing managers a month by month summary of how their performance is impacting their costs.