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Early Intervention programs are being introduced more and more into leading organisations. They are realising that making it easy for an employee with a niggle to be able to address it right away without having to dip into their own pocket to get advice or wait for their condition to escalate to raise a claim is the right thing to do.

With SafetySuite Early Intervention, managers can refer staff to a case manager who can assess the condition, understand the tasks that are normally performed, refer team members to practitioners for diagnosis and treatment, and liaise with management to work out suitable duties.

Additionally you can document restrictions, establish target goals, track progress, record payments and manage your forms & correspondence. Your templates can be established to provide team members with a printed copy of each type of program.

If the treatment of the condition subsequently reaches your companies predefined Early Intervention limits, stakeholders are automatically notified and the relevant options can be discussed. If the option is that the condition warrants a Workers Compensation Claim, SafetySuite will automatically transfer the payments over to the claim, updating SAP financials with the correct journal entries.

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Module Extensions specifically designed for SAP

Accounts Payable Integration

When your medical providers begin to submit their invoices for services rendered, they can be entered directly into the Early Intervention record and the tight integration into SAP Accounts Payable will ensure the timely payment and reconciliation of these accounts.