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At C-Net we understand that not every business is a large corporation with complex ERP systems in place that can drive fully integrated safety processes.  In fact, some of our smaller customers only have a couple of hundred employees.  So, when looking for a solution to your safety requirements, sometimes it’s just easier to implement a best-of-breed solution in the cloud for fast time to value.

SafetySuite Cloud Services provides you exactly that.  You get the benefit of our 20 years’ experience with large, complex organisations without having to be one.

We also find that many of our customers have grown strongly through acquisition, but their HR systems have not kept pace with their business.  They might not have centralised org charts or a single payroll system with which to manage claims and incapacity payments.  As such they find it hard to implement a single safety and injury management system when their supporting data is so inconsistent.

SafetySuite Cloud Services has been designed to address this as well.

We can quickly implement a set of cloud based safety processes for you that can integrate into the systems that you do have.  If you have multiple payroll systems, different single sign on protocols or several HR systems, then that’s okay, we have you covered.

SafetySuite Cloud Services will deliver you robust safety business processes right to your employees’ mobile device.

Your safety data is stored in a secure, Australian based data centre that ticks all the right boxes.



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